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Anything goes.

In re: to @cubfan1908 - Check this out... I created a mobile shortcut, which basically adds a native or bookmark to your mobile homepage. Here's how I did it on...
One more hour and I can get out of the office. I can't wait to pour a rum, light up a good cigar, turn on the computer and watch the...
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Broken nose

Broken nose in april last year. Have lost ability to taste cigars. Used to.smoke.dailey but have cut way back.

I've even tried triple Maduro but still cant taste.

Is there anything stronger...
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I'm curious of how many of you smoke flavored cigars. I don't like them but some people are sold on them.
Received this lighter as a bonus with a box of cigars. Cool design.
Scored a sweet deal on an AJ Fernandez 10 cigar sampler and 15 count Cigar Caddy from the Cigar Page. Some right fine sticks in this mix - killer deal...
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I heard on Bloomberg this morning that a group of Chinese investors purchased Altidas from Imperial Tobacco.
@Moose, @jamoose

- what does the new “OG” mean on my avatar? It appears it’s on several of the old Ward B members from CW2.0.
Hi All,

Happy weekend. Got some updates on new functionality for CW for you

We have enhanced the groups posting allowing you to check in your cigar with your group post. No...
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JC Newman 125th

Diamond Crown Maximus
Bottled up a new batch of apple wine last night. There were ten bottles, but one didn't get corked (we drank it), and two ended up going home with my...
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Posting Errors

Anyone else having issues posting? Every time I try to post something with a picture I get an error.
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Paris Hospital

I read on Drudge report that a Paris Hospital is having frontline workers wear nicotine patches because they have noticed a correlation between the numbers and severity of COVID-19 between...
Mine has definitely increased 1-2/day with staying at home, since I'm able to start smoking anytime during the day.

Stay healthy!
@CigarCraig, a long-time Ward B member & cigar blogger, just posted a special offer and #contest from J.C. Newman.

In short, if you buy Brickhouse cigars from a B&M, at curbside...
I just wanted to check to make sure everyone is safe and healthy.

My neighbor works at United Airlines at SFO. He had 2 co-workers that passed from the virus.

Last time...
Hope everyone is doing well . Stay safe and wash those hands
Check out the Events page, and the CAO Group for details!
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The Lounge

Day XXIV. Lots of food in the freezer, My son is making a turkey (That was in our freezer) and bringing it for Passover dinner tomorrow. Chicken soup is already...
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CAO Session

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day and the CAO Session hit the spot . Be safe eve
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New project

Got my new project rolled into the garage today. A 1997 Chevrolet Camero Z28 30th Anniversary Limited Edition. Body and engine wise she's pretty good. Have an injector bad and...
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CAO Concert

This one had been in the humidor since 2012. A very nice cigar, too bad they are retired. I only have a handful left.
During this quarantine period I have gone through my humidor and found those cigars that were thrown in as a freebie that I never tried or cigars that got pushed...

Make sure to join the CAO group for your chance to win a CAO Lotus Lighter
Well that was wicked quick! Ordered these Chop Suey on Monday morning and they blew up the mailbox today. Two day turn around and shipping, that's mighty fast Corona Cigar!...

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