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Welcome to the Cigar prop cigar review channel.

I am not the Cigar Advisor or Cigar Aficionado, you may not get a lot of valuable info, but you will get an honest cigar review. And I may make you laugh. In fact, this is more like a cigar podcast than a review.

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While Omar de Frias may not have had the most normal path leading into the cigar industry, he’s still one to pay homage to where he’s come from, which is a very normal thing in the cigar industry. After working for NASA for 12 years and running Fratello for the past four, de Frias finally came to the point where he decided to leave his job at NASA and focus on Fratello full time.

This year at the 2017 IPCPR Convention and Trade Show, de Frias showed off his latest project which paid tribute to his time at NASA. It is called the Navetta, which is Italian for shuttle, and comes in four sizes – each named after a NASA space shuttle.

• Fratello Navetta Discovery (5 x 50)
• Fratello Navetta Endeavor (6 1/4 x 54)
• Fratello Navetta Enterprise (6 x 60)
• Fratello Navetta Atlantis (6 1/4 x 52)

Omar De Frias:
Blending Fratello Naveta was special as I wanted to translate the ultimate celebration of our men and women of the space program felt after a successful mission. After being part of over 21 missions nothing beats the feeling of getting our astronauts home safe to their families.
Colleagues of mine would get together and smoke a very special cigar to commemorate the occasion.
This very special blend carries the ultimate feeling of innovation, duty, honor, and success.
• Factory: Fabrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua S.A.
• Wrapper: Ecuadorian Oscuro
• Binder: Dominican Republic
• Filler: Nicaragua

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Thanks for watching our review of the Fratello Cigars Navetta.

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