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There's something for everybody when it comes to CAO. Join the CAO group and revel with the flatheads, flavor fans and consiglieres that make up CAO. Also spread the word about the giveaway here's a note from Rick.
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Garage session

I really enjoyed the show. I have more questions and I liked listening to the stories. Glad you are going to do it again. Thanks -Dave
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The true Amazon

The best CAO cigar.
Incredible time just hanging out. Genius idea for these times. Hope we can continue these smoking events.
Great Smoke Session Rick, I can’t wait until Thursday!
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This webinar was awesome. I remember meeting Rick a few years back when the unveiling of the Flatheads started in Villa Park, IL at 8to8 Cigars. That was awesome and...
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The Garage time with Ricky was great. Thank you.
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Just took part in the Session. Rick's insight was very interesting. My go-to has always been the Carb 660, I'll now try others based upon his review and comments. Thanks...
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Thursday sesdion

Loved the session. Great break from the dispear of the virus reporting. Smoking cigars with friends is what it’s all about.
I look forward to more live events. It was awesome to smoke with other people and hear good convo about cigars.
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CAO Lighter

Awesome webcast. Looking forward to more with Ricky. Can’t wait to light one of my favorite CAO sticks with one of his lighters 👍
How do I get one of Rick’s lighters?
That lighter Ricky has is badass, where do I register for one? These bad boys need it!
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CAO Lighters

Where do you register to get that sweet CAO lighter on the webca
Ricky looks good on the computer
Here's a shelf out of Flathead boxes
Hello. New forum member. And looking forward to this site.

I'm originally from Reading PA but moved to Swansboro NC in 2018.

Here's a picture of my home bar/cigar lounge
Around MN, I can't seem to find a place that actually stocks this cigar.
From the Amazon Basin through the Orellana, every one of the cigars in this series has been outstanding! They’re unlike anything else out there and my buddies and I just...
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Brazilia Is A Winner

Full-flavored cigar with Nicaraguan fillers and a Brazilian wrapper. This classic will not disappoint!
Is there a way to see all the CAO cigar reviews and/or posts/comments on CW from this Group? I was expecting a preset dynamic site search button/link in this Group...
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Brazilia is awesome

Of the CAO lineup, the Brazilia is my favorite and one I always keep in the humidor. Would love to see more of the Piranha for those cold days/nights when...