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Was the cigar session for today canceled?
Thanks again for this awesome lighter. It should be pretty difficult to lose this one, lol.
We'll get more details on the Tshirts this week and reply back.
Just wondering if we have winners for Rick's t shirt?? I saw a list for the lighters....
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Hey CAO Crew.

The CAO Lotus Lighter winners have been selected. If you won you should have received an Email from TeamCAO. The winners are:

Jacob Winter

Ron Porter

Bud Kleppe


Les Barker

Dave Chatham

Raymond Clayton

Sorry couldn't find a way to add to other post…hope this isnt a scam.
I received an email that I won a cao lighter. It said to leave my addy and a copy of my drivers license. I left my addy but didn't feel...
Thanks again for another great, informational evening with some good friends. Great job guys.
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Great session

Great information....thanks Ernest!
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Thanks Rick.

Had this baby gifted by Legacy member Maduro Dan. This was so informative, just sorry could not figure out how to ask a question...doh!
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Ricks lighter

Would love to get one of Rick’s special lighters. How can I get one?

Do I need to supply address info?


Cigar Bob
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Enjoyed the session learned a bit about cigar tobacco.
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My first session and I look forward to more. Thank you for your time.
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Learned so much!!!

Thank you for doing these Garage session they where great!!!
What an excellent educational session.
First one, and I’m loving it! Wow!
First time joining a virtual smoke, well worth the time.
I think I’m the only person who pairs every stick with coffee!
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Garage Event

I missed this one but will not miss the next one
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Zoom Event

Wonderful garage time
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Great Garage Session, Thank you
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Love the garage session. What a great group of guys.
Great evening with Rick and Jonathon talking CAO!

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