Macanudo Travel Case

This month on Cigar World you could win a Macanudo Cigar Travel Case.

All you have to do is submit a review of your favorite Macanudo cigar and you could be entered to win. 

Reviews must be completed on Cigar World by July 31, 2022 to qualify for the sweepstakes. 

Review Macanudo


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    (7 days ago)

    Of all the Macs I have smoked I will take the Mac 1968 Gigante every time. I don't pretend to be a snob that tastes different flavors at different points in the burn. I just know a good smoke

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    (9 days ago)

    Great cigars. I’ve tried several but always go back to the Gold Label. Mild, sweet smoke that’s good with a bourbon or coffee, depending on time of year.

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    (10 days ago)

    I have always liked the Macanudo Maduros. The always perfectly rolled Macanudo ib a medium to fuller flavor profile. A good choice anytime of any day.

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    (11 days ago)

    Enjoying my first Macanudo Inspirado White, really nice cigar. Smooth, with a mild flavor. Definitely doesn’t disappoint. Everything you expect in a cigar from Macanudo.

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    (22 days ago)

    Macanudo Cafe Gigante (6.0"X60) . . . Smooth smoke . . . No Bite . . .Perfect Draw . . . Not a quick burner . . . Sit back and enjoy with your favorite libation . . . Great introduction cigar for a beginner! \~

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    (33 days ago)

    @CigarWorld - Where do we submit our reviews? Do they go on this thread?

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      (31 days ago)

      Click on "feed" then "what's happening" at the bottom. Click review a cigar, and fill out the form

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      (28 days ago)

      Thanks, @Boss007