La Gloria Cubana Tabletop Torch

This month on Cigar World we're giving away one of the most sought after lighters. A La Gloria Cubana Tabletop Torch. 

In order to be eligible

1. Create a Cigar World account.

2. Review a La Gloria Cubana Cigar.

If you already have an account just review your favorite La Gloria Cubana Cigar. 

Cigar World users will be chosen at random at the end of the promotion.

Review a La Gloria Cubana


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    Texas Rebel

    (10 months ago)

    Tried one of these a few years ago. Friend of mine smoked these.

    Pretty damn good cigar in my opinion.

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    (10 months ago)

    I’ve been smoking Serie R over 15 years and by far the best cigar. It’s the only cigar I smoke these day unless I get free ones as gifts

    To have this lighter would go great with my La Gloria Cubana cutter

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    (10 months ago)


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    (10 months ago)

    The La Gloria Cubana Corona Gorda. The original. This was my first cigar and the cigar which started my Freshman year into the world of cigars.

    Paired with a simple guillotine cutter and a box of wooden matches. My cigar mentor gave me a table book to review, instructions on when to smoke my first stogie, how to smoke it, where I should light up at and the nuances to be on the look out for.

    I paired it with a glass of San Pelligrino cut with some pear nectar and a lounge chair in my loft apartment with a view of the moonlit sky. Put on some Grover Washington Jr...Mr Magic, toasted the foot, lit that baby and pushed out that first pull and the rest was history. I've been smoking them since. Grab a case and when you want a easy consistent medium body moment, La Gloria's Cubana Corona Gorda brings the satisfaction.

    Of course since 1995 I've ventured thru most of the new lines and I'm always open to something new.

    Brother Ice

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