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Review a Cigar in Todays Smokes


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    (2 days ago)

    Macanudo inspirado green. Love the pepper, coffee notes...background of cocoa, oily wrapper. Always a great smoke

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    (5 days ago)

    Diesel Maduro, what a great all around stick. Truly a show stopper. Very well crafted, great blend for the money. Least to say a great cigar, heavy hitter, full flavor, oily and yes sticky stick. Definitely one of my favorites from the Diesel line.

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    (8 days ago)

    Punch rare corojo smooth cigar.

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    (9 days ago)

    Smoke a Taino heritage cigar very lovely smoke pre light smells cedar cocoa with earthy barnyard smell first 1/3 was fantastic sweet graham cracker taste with slight black pepper with a hint of earthy soil the sweetness kind of stays on your lips for a long couple seconds nothing changes in the flavor profile throughout the smoke totally enjoyable paired it with a black coffee it went well with the strong coffee flavor !

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    Deejay TMF

    (18 days ago)

    Deejay TMF

    July 10, 2021, 5:24 PM EDT (68 mins ago)

    I was already drinking a IPA when I checked the mail so I hope that it doesn't make the cigar taste funky. Fresh out of the cello, sweet hot chocolate with marshmallow scent....punch cut....smooth draw I can't wait to light it! ....Retrohale = S'mores and since I am in the backyard that's not bad at all. Smoke output is nice. Construction is flawless. Slow burn...creamy smoke and flavor on the tongue. Compared to a light whipped cream after taste. I'm not even at the halfway point yet😆

    Pause....slight uneven burn with white ash. if I have a 5 minute convo I have to touch up the burn. I don't mind because that way I'm not wasting the cigar...overall I would purchase this cigar. My final thought great creamy stick that's not overpowered by coffee. It still gives me that cigarness.

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    (27 days ago)

    Done ✅

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    (28 days ago)

    ric flair GIFric flair wwe GIF