The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has changed every part of life, including ones most people would never think of. One of those I bet you didn’t think it changes this is that we have had to be much more proactive in finding cigars to review. Due to stay-at-home orders, the temporary closings of cigar shops and cigar […] The post Mi Querida Puma Negra appeared first on halfwheel.

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    Deputy Mayor of CW

    (8 months ago)

    I’ve had the Firecracker & Short Gordo - both we’re exceptional!

    I do laugh (in a good way) reading reviews like this & CA’s. HOW do they find all these strange flavors/aromas?? Sourdough, pizza crust, candy corn, half-&-half noted in this review. I’ve eaten all of these, 3 of them just this week, and I never taste or smell these in cigars.

    Oh well, chalk it up to more refined experienced tasting... hey, maybe they’re the equivalent of being a cigar “super taster” (