Building a Community for Cigar Lovers By Cigar Lovers

We're always striving to make the Cigar World community better. Our goal is to build a place for cigar smokers to share their passion for cigars. We're rolling out some new functionality to help foster community and make it easier for you to share your favorite cigars with friends. 

Tagging Friends in Posts & Comments

You now have the ability to tag friends and people you follow in posts and comments. Make sure to check out the notifications tab for your latest mentions.  Please note: you can only tag people you're following. 

Tag your Friends v3

Now Smoking

When you post in a group tell us what you're smoking.

You can now "CHECK-IN" a cigar when you post in groups. Tell everyone what you're currently smoking. 

Just select "NOW SMOKING" and then type in the name of your smoke or select from the list.

You can also share your location, whether you're on the deck or in a cigar lounge, tell the community what and where you're smoking. 

Now Smoking Check in v2

Shout Out to the OGs

Also, you may notice an OG added to some user's avatars. We want to share respect for and appreciation to some of the "original" members of Cigar World. These folks have posted on Cigar World countless times and been celebrating their love for cigars for years. We appreciate their dedication to this community and the cigar industry. 

A tip of the cap to these fine gentlemen and ladies. They've also got a special group Ward B - please feel free to check it out.

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