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As of Monday, Nicaragua’s largest factory will be closed due to concerns about the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Drew Estate became the first large factory to announce that it was shutting...

Making Cigars: From Plant to Cigar - Holt's Cigar Company

Ever wonder how cigars go from tobacco plant to the finished product you light and enjoy? Learn the process of making cigars, from picking and curing the tobacco, to drying...

La Palina Adds White Label as TAA Exclusive

This May, a new exclusive cigar from La Palina is scheduled to arrive on the shelves of Tobacconists’ Association of America retailers. At the TAA’s meeting this week, the company...

Cigar News: Tabacalera USA to Donate $50,000 to Coronavirus Relief

Tabacalera USA and its business units Altadis U.S.A., JR Cigar and Casa de Montecristo have pledged a donation of $50,000 going directly to people affected Broward County, FL.

Five Questions: Jorge Padrón, Padrón Cigars

Jorge Padrón, president of Padrón Cigars, talks about his preferred drink to pair with cigars and reveals some of his favorite cigar memories.

Five Questions: Pete Johnson, Tatuaje Cigars

Pete Johnson, owner of brands such as Tatuaje and L'Atelier, talks about his favorite cigar moment in Cuba and reveals where his basketball loyalty truly lies.

Five Questions: Nick Melillo, Foundation Cigar Co.

Foundation Cigar Co. owner Nick Melillo discusses his love of Connecticut broadleaf and how he may one day move to the Himalayas.

Cigar 101: Snakes In The Humidor

Cigar Aficionado's resident snake experts, David Savona and Gregory Mottola, talk and smoke culebras, the twisted, serpentine cigars that come in threes.

From the Lounge: The Art of Blending with Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel, owner of Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, talks with executive editor David Savona about how he approaches blending a cigar.

Five Questions: Rocky Patel, Rocky Patel Premium Cigars Inc.

Rocky Patel, owner of Rocky Patel Premium Cigars Inc., tells us why becoming a toothpaste entrepreneur may be a good idea and reveals which former Cigar Aficionado cover subject gave...


Yall already know that the core line Casa Cuevas Connecticut was one of my favorite Connecticut cigars, but now they have the Reserva line. How does this compare to the...

Smokin Joes Skoden Cigar Review

Smokin Joes Skoden Cigar Review – This 5×42 stick features a smooth, dry dark tan wrapper with a firm pack, small veins, tight invisible seams, triple cap and slight nutty...
On our 5th Episode of the Virtual Herf, we have Rafael Nodal Head of Product Capability for Altadis USA. Altadis USA is the makers of Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, H....

McCallef Leyenda No 2 | LeeMack912 (S06 E 45)

taper figurado (52 x 5.5) made by 3rd generation Gomez-Sanchez family. Made in tribute to the late Pedro T. Gomez. Treat yourself to this delightful stick with flavor and construction...

Liga Privada Único Serie Year of the Rat (2020)

The Drew Estate Liga Privada Único line got significantly stronger with the addition of the Year of the Rat. Okay, maybe addition isn’t the right word, considering the cigar was...

How to Care for Cigars for beginners

When I first got into cigars, I made every mistake in the book. I lost a lot of good cigars. So here are some of my best tips on caring...

Blind Cigar Review: Montecristo | Espada Oscuro Guard

"I was leery about the first third, hoping it may have some complexity of this blend, however i was delightfully surprised bu the last two thirds. A menagerie of roasted...

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Two special blends were created for VegaFina in the renowned Tabacalera de García.

The Burn Down Podcast | Episode 36 | Quarantine and Chill!

COVID-19 means quarantine and social distancing...

But it doesn't mean The Burn Down doesn't film! F*** the Coronavirus!

Join us as we bring a little joy and laughter during these challenging times...all...

Prime Time Episode 131

On Prime Time Episode 131, it’s our ninth All-Star Media Panel. We have three veterans of the cigar media ready to hit the panel for some lively discussion as we...

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