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Today's Smokes

Chat with others to see what they’re smoking today.

Yesterday was an Olivia V and a Macanudo 1968 from Jeff. Both were very good smokes.
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Roma craft

Can't go wrong with their line
Smoked a R and J short Churchill this past weekend. I really enjoyed it and found it to be nice with aged 7 year Rum.

For a newbie I have been...
Most of us are familiar with Pete Johnson and his Tatuaje line of cigars. There is one that is not as well known but is extremely good. I'm talking about...
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Last evening, I endured a great disappointment when I lit up a Dirty Rat (Liga Privada) and tried to smoke it. First, on a cold draw, it didn't have that...
Two cigars in one day. I’m living the life. :-) We went to our friend’s house for a porch dinner and after dinner she opened her humidor and let me...
Love my lanceros. Ezra Zion Raven Silhouette.
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I e noyed a Cuban Por Larranaga yesterday
Got this in a trade w @Mad Dan. Learned later it’s made by My Fathers Cigars. Pretty good stick!
Not a bad little smoke
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Today's Cigar

Cubfan I am also smoking one from SS. It is an EP Carrillo Dark Ritual I received from Mad Dan, muy gracias. Could not wait to light it as the...
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It’s a cool, rainy day. I’m on the screened porch enjoying a Todos Los Dias from the Secret Santa pass. Thanks Jeff. This is a very nice smoke
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What's your favourite rum to pair with a cigar?
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What say you

They not gonna smoke themselves. Pairing with some scotch
Privada cigar club lost and found cookie monster aged 8 yrs smells good let's light it up
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Last night was a My Father Le Bijou 1922
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Today's Cigar

Having an AKA Cigars Nth Degree. Very nice cigar, love the size, full body flavor with a nice long finish. Would recommend this.
Happy World Whisky Day! Davidoff/Zino Back2Back LE 2019 w/Ardbeg Dark Cove
Last evening, I sat on the front porch and had a Cohiba Red Dot. It is a very smooth smoke with nice flavor, but this one did not produce an...
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Today's Smokes

Today was a light smoking day. Only had 2 Oliva Vs. Both were excellent.

The wife is making me try to be a little healthier. Had a salad for dinner and...
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I love these, if only they didn't cost so much
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Ash game

Gotta respect the ash on these.
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EZ night

Enjoyed an ezra tonight
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Today's Smokes

Started the day with a Cuban Partagas P2 (Beli shape). Outstanding. Very smooth with spices and earthy flavors. Then went on to an Upmann #2 (Cuban Beli). I have to...
#Chicago has been “blessed” with an early winter this past week. Had frost the other night, killing early garden plants. :-(

I’ve been smoking sticks from a trade I did with...

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