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Join the Punch Brotherhood. We don't rule the galaxy, but we run the world... cigar world that is. Join the group to stay up to date on all things Mr. Punch.

Hello, and thank you for your enthusiasm for my blends. They.are.great.

Please make your reviews on my actual products. Follow these simple steps.

1.Go to a Punch cigar listing on Cigar World.

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Swag Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of the new Cigar World, I am awarding some lucky brotherhood members with some sweet, sweet swag. Yes, yours truly is going to bestow some wonderful...
Someone told me that it is bad luck to have TWO Mr. Punch bobble-head dolls. Is that true? My current Mr. Bobble-Head sits atop my chest-of-drawers beneath my "Mr. Monkey"...
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Knuckle Buster

Just got my box of Knuckle Busters great smoke. Goes well with Buffalo Trace.
Make sure to keep reviewing my products for your chance to win some amazing Punch Swag.
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Great brotherhood
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Mr Punch

Love it
Love those Punches
The Punch Brotherhood is always great .
I love Punch cigars. Clásico. Gran Puro Nicaragua. Diablo. Imported. Signature. Rare Corojo. I've never been punched in the face and at the end felt disappointed by it. Still need...
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Made it

I made it to the Brotherh
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The best

One of my favorite go to brands for cigars
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The best

✊ who doesn't love punch cigars
Never had the Egg Roll to compare things to but, these Chop Suey sticks are great! Love the presentation and price point. Just enough spice and earthiness to keep you...
Got my hands on a box and can't wait to try em out!
I truly can’t say enough good things about the Punch Diablo.

It’s a great cigar from foot to cap, it was difficult to put it down, I have blisters on my...
Friday night ended up nicely with Punch Chop Suey, followed by an Punch Egg Roll (so happy that I was finally able to track those down!). The strength and complexity...
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Punch Diablo . love the specy spicy
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Egg roller

Mama san said "I love Egg Roll long time" the punch egg roll is great also, one of my favorites. Lol
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Signature Torpedo

The Signature Torpedo has become my go too smoke, pairs great with a nice glass of Woodford Double Oaked.

Well done Mr. Punch
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The Diablo line is becoming one of my favorites.

Thanks for all you do, Mr. Punch.
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The Eggroll is by far my favorite!
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Love it!

Proud to smoke punch Cigars. The Eggroll is my favorite, though I haven’t had one that I don’t enjoy.

Keep up keeping up Mr. Punch!
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I have been smoking the Punch Gran Puro Rancho since it was released several years ago.

It is a medium strength cigar with consistency and good construction.

It has been on my...
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Rare Corojo

The Rare Corojo has for a long time been on my list of top five smokes should I get stranded on a desert island with an unlimited stash of only...
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El Torcedor