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I Love this Cigar!
Did you guys see that Mr. Punch is asking the Brotherhood to help him build the next cigar for the Punch line?! This is awesome!

Check it out:

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Words of wisdom

Smoked: Punch Chop Suey

Great cigar full of flavor and words of wisdom
#punchtaphandle would make a great present. The chop suey was pretty good.
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Share a punch

Invited my neighbor over to enjoy a cigar and chat. Gave him one of my punch rare corona. He didn’t want to stop smoking it. Had it down to nothing....
Picked up a 6 cigar pack and a punch chop suey. Has anyone tried the chop suey yet?
Sunday mail call
Great smoke paired well with some bourbon!
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Punch Events?

@KnightHawk Any word on events for our friend Mr. Punch?
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Diablo !!!!

***If you haven’t tried the Punch Diablo you are definitely missing out ***
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Packs a punch

I love these punch sample packs!
**Hell yes it’s Punch Diablo Tuesday. Let’s see them photos today **
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Punch Diablo

Smoked: Punch Diablo

What a combination of spice and smooth!
**Awesome to be apart of the Punch Brotherhood. Mr Punch showed up at the house today. **
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Mr punch

Enjoying a great cigar today everybody have a great sunday
This is one of two mail calls for Punch. Other expected next week.
Thank you Mr. Punch !!!! While I'm deciding what will be the first brew I'll put in my new cozy, I'll be packing a pipe to enjoy along with it...
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Thank you Mr. Punch!!
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Loving this

Mr punch sent some bad ass custom golf balls✊✊✊✊
Check out the awesome Yeti Punch Can Koozie . Thank you Mr Punch !!! Totally Bad Ass
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Everyone be safe

Hope everyone is safe and doing the social distance. Stay safe until we can get past this
Someone told me that it is bad luck to have TWO Mr. Punch bobble-head dolls. Is that true? My current Mr. Bobble-Head sits atop my chest-of-drawers beneath my "Mr. Monkey"...
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Knuckle Buster

Just got my box of Knuckle Busters great smoke. Goes well with Buffalo Trace.
Make sure to keep reviewing my products for your chance to win some amazing Punch Swag.

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