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I don't even have to buy a box of cigars to get this one!!!
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M Bourbon

Smoked: Macanudo M Bourbon

i love its taste
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I finally decided that my Macanudo vintage 2006 cigars have had enough time in the humidor. Wow, I paired it with a smoky scotch and they paired perfectly. I will...
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Inspirado White

Loving the new Inspirado White. Great with a nice whiskey or a cup of java. Hasn't disappointed yet......
The "M" Coffee is my cigar of choice. I've tried other infused sticks and nothing holds a candle to the "M". A fan forever!
Really enjoying the black label!
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Relaxing Puro

Always a great smoke to relax and enjoy alone or with friends
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Vintage 2006

Can someone explain to me how the metal cigar band on this cigar is a quality control device for the humidity output of your humidor?
My Macanudo of choice is the Hyde Park
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got a hankering for a nice little Duke of Devon please......
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"M" rocks

Been looking and still can't find a comparable taste or burn to your "M" by Macanudo coffee. Great work ladies and gents!
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Laurel, Ricky and Sean. You guys are like the 3 Amigos of General Cigar 👍
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Herf session

What a great session with Laurel, Ricky and Sean.
Montauk, NY
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Macanudo Vintage 2000

Looking for a box of these cigars. On line companies have run out of them. Specifically the number 1 cigars.
I am look for a box of 2009 Estates

Or 2014
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Two Vintage Blends

Debating which to smoke first of the two vintage blends - Vintage 2006 or Vintage Maduro 1997.