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Trade drink pairing tips among your fellow cigar lovers.

When you get home work
Nothing better than a good cigar after a long day at work to go with your Crown and Coke
**Have a great weekend and enjoy your favorite cigars **
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vintage 2006

I had a Macanudo Vintage 2006 with a nice smoky scotch and they paired together perfectly. I already bot 2 more boxes.
Thank you Mr Punch for the awesome Yeti Can Koozie . Totally Bad Ass
Ok ... not everyone goes straight to a soda when they think of a good pairing with their favorite smoke. My old man worked for Pepsi for many years when...
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Looking for a new pint to enjoy. Any suggestions?
Guess I'll be the first to post here! Starting my day with a Punch Egg Roll I've been stashing for almost a year now and my favorite coffee. Anybody else...