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The ashtray is so nice but it’s missing a glass of bourbon and a nice cigar and smooth jazz playing
Awesome ashtray only thing missing is a fine diesel cigar and a glass of whiskey
**That would be awesome **
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Excellent Bundle

Smoked: Hair of the Dog

One of my favorite bundles is the 35 cigar assortment from Cigars.com

Excellent smokes!
It would be a nice addition to my Jack Daniels barrel....
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Sweet ashtray
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Ashtray Giveway


Nice Ashtray!
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Diesel Fan

Thank You for the Opportunity to Participate!
Awesome! Thanks for the chance to win ...
Great looking ashtray, can't go wrong with wood.
Can't wait
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Wife Mad

Wife mad 😀I’m using her stainless steel mixing bowl for an ash tray πŸ€ͺ
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Could use a new ashtray
That is a great looking ashtray!
This months giveaway ashtray is pretty sweet.
This is a really good looking tray!!!
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Cool looking ashtray. πŸ‘
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My First Diesel

My first Diesel was the Diesel Unholy Cocktail. I was first introduced to them by a Ward B member and friend, whose since passed several years back. The first Ward...