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Flathead 554

Firing up the CAO Flathead554 on this cool, lovely upstate afternoon in South Carolina. I put a punch cut on this bad boy, and it's working out great. I started with punches as a beginner cigar smoker because I felt it was safer for a noob. I just didn't want to cut too much cap off with the guillotine, but eventually I matured in my guillotine skills and left the punch behind. But I find I'm using my punch more lately.

What's your preferred method of cutting and why?

I love everything in the Flathead line, though I have yet to smoke the 770. This 550 is full (to me), and it's burning well. Lovely dark wrapper. Just plucked it out of my 71% RH humidor. Thank you boveda. Maybe I should've saved it for later this evening. It's a little strong at the moment, but I like it anyway. 😁

Cold draw left me with heavy notes of cocoa and dark coffee. I also listened to the boxpress podcast today with boveda Rob and Travis from Altadis USA on taking your cigar tasting to the next level. Trying out some new techniques I learned from listening. Getting what I can only describe as maybe some over roasted peanuts??? πŸ˜‚πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ It's all fun.

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    (4 months ago)

    I normally like to punch the flat head cigars, punching twice for some large gauges.