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Cigars and Beer

Cigars and beer, beer and cigars - can you think of a more perfect combo? Here are a few quick tips for pairing cigars with beer. Find the perfect pairing.

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How to Taste a Cigar

Cigars are filled with subtle nuances that can be hard to pick up. Use these cigar tasting tips to experience more of the flavors of your smoke.

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Best Ways to Store Cigars

Check out the Best Ways to Properly Care for your Cigars. Get Tips for Storing Cigars and Keeping your Cigars Fresh. Learn more.

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Beginners Cigar Buying Guide

Looking for a handy cigar buying guide? Check out Cigar World’s Official Cigar Buying for Beginners. Learn more about good cigars for beginners and how to get started.

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How to Spot Quality Cigars

Get tips for how to identify a quality cigar. Discover what makes good quality cigars, and how you can make sure you’re buying the best cigar, for a top smoke.

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How to Rehydrate Cigars

Saving a dried out cigar is possible. Learn how to rehumidify cigars with tips from Cigar World.

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How to Pair Cigars and Drinks

Learning how to pair cigars and drinks is easier than you think. Get tips and tricks from Cigar World’s cigar pairing guide.

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How to Smoke a Cigar Like a Pro

How to smoke a cigar and not look like an idiot. Get expert tips on how to properly smoke a cigar from Cigar World.