Cigar Reviewed: Cohiba Royale

I tend to smoke medium-bodied cigars. Admittedly, this was a significant jump for my palate. Royale was savory and absolutely full-bodied, maybe the boldest smoke yet from the Cohiba line. I took my time with it and it was 100% worth it. If I were to describe in one word, it'd be: balanced. Ceder. Spice. Cocoa. Perhaps not my everyday, but certainly my every so often. Time to #UpgradeMyHumi.



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    Nice! Whenever I hear/read: Cocoa, deep & rich, & cedar, I’m in! Add espresso or coffee to that list, or sumatran wrapper, and I’m usually buying a 5er to try immediately!


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    Like the droid's I'm looking for?

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