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Magic Toast

Cigar Reviewed: Alec Bradley Magic Toast

Smoked at: Indiana, PA

Construction and Appearance-The dark maduro wrapper hints at the rich, earthy, and slightly sweet tastes to come. The stick is rolled more tightly than the average cigar and is firm to the touch.

Burn and Draw-The pre-light draw is surprisingly loose considering the firmness of the stick. The burn remains straight throughout the smoking experience.

Flavor and Body-Similar to a well-aged whiskey, the Magic Toast initially hits the palate hard but ends with a smooth finish. Sitting firmly in the medium-bodied category of cigars, like most Alec Bradly creations, the Magic Toast combines notes of earth, milk chocolate, and cinnamon to create a cigar worthy of its name.

Quality and Value-Alec Bradley has found their niche in the “sweet spot” price range of cigars. The Magic Toast sells for around ten dollars a stick and stacks up well with other cigars at a similar price point.

magic toast


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